Carrick Bannockburn Riesling

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Carrick Bannockburn Riesling


The Bannockburn Riesling is a classic off dry riesling with citrus / stonefruit characters, excellent balance and great cellaring potential.


Residual Sugar: 24.0 gL-1
Alcohol: 11.5%
Harvest Dates: 8h April 2017

The Bannockburn Riesling is our most “classic” in style when compared to the Josephine’s pristine fruit aromatics and the Dry’s lean acidity. Expect fusil characters to develop in this wine with age.

Refreshing and perfect as an aperitif, match with your favorite seafood dish or simply serve with a good salty hard cheese, cantaloupe and parma ham.

Enjoy now, or age for 10+ years, that is the beauty of Riesling.

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