The Death of Von Tempsky

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The Death of Von Tempsky

Carinmuir Vineyard, Bannockburn, Central Otago

The Death of Von Tempsky was a wine born of the label, an artwork that the original owner of Carrick, Steve Green, admired. It speaks of a contrast between ancient themes in a modern setting. From which the lines of this wine were formed. An ancient concept of fermenting grapes whole and allowing time for the wine to develop on it’s own, in a modern winery.

The Von Tempsky, is a natural wine made from Riesling bunches, left un-pressed for 170 days on skins in this case. It’s a skinsy, phenolic white wine, with plenty of sediment. Bottled by hand at the winery under natural cork, and with a beeswax seal. Unfined, unfiltered, no additions, just grapes fermented to wine.


Origin: Cairnmuir Vineyard, Carrick, Bannockburn, Central Otago
Hand-picked in: On a warm afternoon in early April 2020
Additions: None
Filtration and/or Fining: None
TSO2 at bottling: <10mg/L
Pressed: Spring Equinox
Bottled: October 2020
Cases: 200 x 6 bottle cases

Fresh, delicious, lime zest, with a phenolic bite.

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