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The term “natural wine” has no real legal definition. It’s more an idea and a philosophical approach to winemaking, so it’s not something that you’ll necessarily see on a wine label. It’s an ethos that says the earth and the vine deserve respect, and is a recognition that the winemaker has only a temporary assignment, where the earth is concerned.

Natural winemaking is as much about what you don’t do to a wine as what you do do to it. It’s a more bespoke approach, rather than one that tries to make wines that appeal to a broad commercial base.


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The Billet-Doux is a Pinot Noir, made similarly to our other Pinots, but without any addition of Sulphur at arrival into the winery, or any part of the process, including bottling.  

"Fascinating nose, humus, a wild and feral quality; delicious purity of fruit. Silky and textural entry with a little prickle on the tongue, showcasing loganberry, plum and wood smoke with nice chewiness from the tannins. Time adds dark chocolate and charcuterie to the brightness and vivacity, while the tannins are very fine. Rather delicious. No sulphur added."

Review from Mark Henderson of the Otago Daily Times -


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2021 Pas de Souci

A blend of all our Pinots - Noir, Blanc and Gris (50: 29: 21), fermented together in one flower pot, with the Noir being whole-bunch and the Gris being foot-stomped.

It spends 30 days on skins and is bottled by hand just 3 months after being picked. Fresh from the harvest, its Nouveau style deliciousness. No adds, no yeast, no preservative, no fining or polishing just grapes turned into wine.

The perfect "drink now" wine for a picnic or after-work glass on the patio. 

Only 360 bottles made.

Labelled with the artwork from the fabulous Sophie Holt from Nelson.

Not for sale, please contact us for more information.


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The Death of Von Tempsky

Carinmuir Vineyard, Bannockburn, Central Otago

The Death of Von Tempsky was a wine born of the label, an artwork that the original owner of Carrick, Steve Green, admired. It speaks of a contrast between ancient themes in a modern setting. From which the lines of this wine were formed. An ancient concept of fermenting grapes whole and allowing time for the wine to develop on it’s own, in a modern winery.

The Von Tempsky, is a natural wine made from Riesling bunches, left un-pressed for 170 days on skins in this case. It’s a skinsy, phenolic white wine, with plenty of sediment. Bottled by hand at the winery under natural cork, and with a beeswax seal. Unfined, unfiltered, no additions, just grapes fermented to wine.


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Au Naturel

Unfined, unfiltered, no additions - just grapes fermented into wine.

  • 2020 Carrick The Death of von Tempsky Riesling
  • 2019 Carrick Billet-Doux Pinot Noir
  • 2019 Carrick Pot de Fleur Pinot Noir

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