Field Blends

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Electric No. 1


Electric No 1 is a field blend incorporating all white varieties grown at Carrick, including the odd rogue vine that has appeared courtesy of our nurserymen. Field blends are common in Portugal where vineyards rather than being planted uniformly by variety, are planted with different varieties side by side. There are over 250 indigenous varieties in Portugal, so you can imagine the combinations could be endless. Here it’s not strictly true that the vines are planted next to one another, but rather that we harvested Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay on the same day, pressed them together and fermented them as one in old oak barrels.

Being a blend there is no outstanding varietal character and the textural qualities dominate this wine. It’s dry, complex and intriguing. Named after a gold dredge which once worked the Kawarau River, not too far from where vines are now planted. Enjoy with pasta, fish, hard cheeses or just by itself as an evening refresher.



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