Our Story

Carrick was founded by Barbara and Steve Green who planted a rabbit infested block of land in Bannockburn, on the shores of the yet to be filled Lake Dunstan in 1994. The Greens' knowledge was academic, but they loved pinot noir and were inspired by the pioneers Alan Brady and Rolf Mills in the early 1990s. The name 'Carrick' is derived from the gold-mining town and the mountain range to which the estate points.  

Bannockburn sits at the southern end of the Cromwell Basin at the intersection of the Bannockburn inlet and Kawarau River. The site was formed as a result of glacial action over millions of years. The prevailing northerly winds have deposited a thick layer of this glacial loess over the bedrock at Carrick. 

From the first release in 2000, they tended the vineyard, subsequently developing the winery and restaurant. In 2011, they achieved full organic certification.


The Carrick Bend

The Carrick Bend, a nautical knot, is the symbol that embodies the Carrick philosophy of grape growing and wine making. The tying of the knot signifies the bringing together of our viticulture, our winemaking and “our place” which includes Carrick vineyards with the historic and geographic icons of the neighbourhood - the Carrick mountain range, the Carrick Riding and the Carrick Goldfields.